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Everything you need to make the most of

your mail media campaigns_

The industry resource to help you effectively plan and buy mail media campaigns. Contains reports, insights, data and pricing guides, as well as case studies.

What's included?

  • How to and best practice guides

  • Postcode level reports

  • Doordrop media planners

  • Up-to-date pricing tools

  • Latest research on consumer attitudes towards Direct Mail

How can it help me?

  • Instant quotes
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Data includes

  • Direct Mail
    • A practical guide to Direct Mail
    • Useful contacts
    • Pricing guide
    • How to build a case for mail
  • Doordrop
    • Top 10 doordrop spenders
    • Royal Mail Doordrop planner
    • Whistl doordrop planner
  • Pricing Calculator
    • Quotes for Direct Mail delivery
  • Research Reports
    • Latest research into consumer attitudes around Direct Mail
  • Case Studies
    • Case studies on effectiveness of Direct Mail and Doordrop
  • JICMAIL insights

Data sources