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definitive media mapping tool_

Use our unique mapping tool for planning and mapping data on the available media in any region of the UK alongside the population's demographic profile. Includes postcode data from JICREG for regional publications as well as in-house sourced data, radio stations, out of home, websites, TV regions and cinemas.

What's included?

  • Map any area of the UK
  • Overlay media and demographics exclusive to this module
  • Hot spot map census data by index
  • Overlay all local and regional media data
  • Reporting areas include geography, drive times, distance by radius and postcodes
  • Press, radio, outdoor, websites, cinema, TV regions
  • JICREG postcode areas for all audited publications
  • Compatible with other Adwanted Connected apps
  • Customisable e.g. can include other data sets
  • Layers can be re-used in other maps

How can it help me?

  • A powerful and clear visual of your local media strategy

  • Optimise your media budget by calculating wastage

  • Downloadable reports tailored to your clients’ needs

  • Find where your audience live and the best media to reach them

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Data includes

2,400 titles

350 radio stations

390,000 poster sites

9 sales houses

11,400 postcode sectors

145 demographics

JICREG publication postcode data

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Data sources


"Really enjoying the regional mapper as it’s unique to any other tools I’ve used."


Business Director, OMD