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Consumer Surveys

Gain an unrivalled understanding

of consumer behaviour across

evolving media_

This award-winning app with exclusive data provides a visual, comprehensive and unbiased picture of consumer behaviour across rapidly evolving media

What's included?

  • Six surveys, hundreds of questions, thousands of responses, all providing an understanding of consumer media behaviour
  • Explore through categories of Viewing, Listening, Reading, Social & Gaming, Advertising & Shopping and Screens & Devices, Brands, Broadband & Telephony
  • Delve into the category tree, which splits the hundreds of questions between eight logical areas, making exploration of the data straightforward and intuitive
  • Fast and intelligent search by keyword, instantly provides results from across all surveys
  • Instantly switch between questions from different sources, no reloading of surveys
  • Intelligent charting, providing the best visual communication of the data
  • Cut every question by social demographics or media audience behaviour, trend over time or rebase
  • Suites of charts, data tables and downloads make for swift and easy analysis across all media topic areas
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How can it help me?

  • Find quick answers to your client’s market questions
  • Get the full picture across all our surveys with one search
  • Complete confidence in insights from trusted industry sources
  • Steal the competitive edge by anticipating the latest trends
  • Simple for all to use alleviating pressure on one team
  • Unleash additional value from your existing BARB and TouchPoints subscriptions
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"Normally I find tools like this overly complicated and off-putting, but Surveys is so simple and quick, it’s a brilliant app"

Strategy Director, Havas